Friday, October 9, 2015

Improve Employee Morale, Increase Productivity

The effects of employee morale on an organization are far reaching and long lasting

Employee morale is the cornerstone of all businesses. Employees with a high level of job satisfaction, a good outlook, positive attitude, and a feeling of well-being in their workplace, have a high level of morale. It is the level of morale that has a direct correlation to the level of productivity. While skills, resources, and knowledge are also important aspects of productivity, it is the level of morale of the skilled worker that greatly affects his or her level of productivity.

There are many factors in a workplace that can affect employee morale. Examples include: work hours, work load, pay, incentives, and perceived value. An employee who has low performance may not be a lazy or bad worker, but rather they may have low morale. When evaluating an employee’s performance, it is important to look at all factors that could have a direct effect on the employee. If an employee has a poor work/life balance, is working for a low wage, has little to no incentives, or is perceived to not be of a value to the organization, then their overall performance will be greatly affected.

With employee morale having such a large impact on any organization, how do you raise or maintain a high level of morale within your office? Here are five suggestions for raising or maintaining a high level of employee morale:

  • Vision – Your employees are part of something bigger, but do they know that? Employees need to understand and share in the vision of what the organization is trying to accomplish. That vision will motivate and inspire all employees within the organization.
  • Show You Care – Each of your employees is an individual person and they liked to be recognized as such. Be involved in your employees’ lives by identifying and celebrating their birthday, when a child is born, or a wedding. It is important that your employees feel loved and valued by the organization.
  • Look For The Awesome – When an employee is doing good work, recognize it and celebrate it! Recognizing an employee’s good work helps motivate the employee while showing other employees the quality of work you are looking for.
  • Promote From Within - When employees see that there is room to advance their career within your organization, it speaks volumes. Find out what skills and talents the each employee possess and find ways to develop those skills for future use in your organization. When you have an all-star employee, help invest in the training they need to advance as your company grows.
  • Have Fun – Doing business and being professional does not mean that you cannot have some fun along the way. Organizations that encourage and facilitate fun employee activities often keep those employees happy. Activities such as bowling, summer parties, paintball or laser tag, and going to the movies all encourage the employees to enjoy their time at work while bonding them closer together. The common these in all of these ideas is caring recognition, rewards, and appreciation. These small steps can go far.

Keeping your employees motivated and engaged is the best way to promote increased performance and reduce turnover within your organization.

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