Thursday, October 29, 2015

Healthcare Pornography?

What is Healthcare Pornography?
We are all human, and as such, are naturally curious. Much like the Porn industry, there is a growing problem caused by the unbridled curiosities of workers within the Healthcare Industry.
Workers are being fired, reputations are being tarnished, and medical practices throughout the United States are being fined. All because curiosity got the best of one or two people.
Fortunately, there are ways to safeguard against this cancerous disease that is plaguing healthcare professionals everywhere. The first step is understand what record snooping is. 

What is Record Snooping?
Record snooping is unauthorized access to a patient’s information. This type of privacy invasion happens when an employee accesses a patient’s health information without cause, but rather for their own personal or somebody else’s desire to have knowledge of that patient's personal health information (PHI).
As you know, protecting the privacy of patient records is top priority as a health care provider, and that means both internally and externally.

Who is Affected by Record Snooping?
Record snooping is an intrusive act that has been done by healthcare workers for a long time. However, with the HIPAA Privacy rules, there are now serious repercussions for the healthcare worker and the office they work for.
The results of record snooping include the employee losing their job, public humiliation for the office involved, heavy monetary fines, and potential legal action. This intrusive act is a big problem for the employee involved and for their employer.
In order to fully understand the varying degrees of record snooping, and how to prevent and develop safeguards against one of the leading causes of fines in 2015, make 30 minutes to learn from others who have been affected: 

          5 Record Snooping Stories Medical Practices That Cannot Be Ignored

                                                   Download Slides: Click Here

About the Author: Lance King works with the team at Healthcare Compliance Solutions, supporting medical practices in adequately preparing for HIPAA, OSHA, Medicare, and HR compliance audits. He is a husband, father, consultant, church and community leader, and athlete.
Upon receiving his Masters in Business Administration, he continued maturing his consultative skills in healthcare because boundary systems are constantly expanding with new developments in technology. His mission is to help practice management do more with less with technology and innovation.
Lance regularly publishes compliance, leadership, and management articles for healthcare practice administration. Find these on LinkedIn.
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