Friday, September 25, 2015

Duties of the HIPAA Compliance Privacy Officer

There are some very specific duties for this important position

This is one of the most vital roles in any healthcare organization. It is the HIPAA Compliance Privacy Officer who serves as the focal point for compliance activities and with regard to planning, implementing, and monitoring the HIPAA Privacy and Compliance Program for the organization.
Compliance to HIPAA Privacy policies is one of the many responsibilities this person has in the office. The Compliance Privacy Officer has the authority to direct supervised personnel in the office as to the proper procedures and practices to enable compliance with HIPAA Privacy policies. This position also has direct access to management.

HIPAA Privacy Compliance Officer’s responsibilities:

  • Oversee and monitor the implementation of the HIPAA Privacy Compliance Program.
  •  Report to management regularly on the current state of HIPAA Privacy compliance and make recommendations to improve your offices compliance efficiency.
  • Develop, coordinate, and participate in an established training program.
  • Ensure that independent contractors and agents who furnish medical services to your office are aware of the requirements of your privacy compliance program.
  • Assist your financial management in coordinating internal privacy compliance reviews and monitoring activities. This includes overseeing and documenting your annual self-audit.
  • Independently investigate and act on matters related to privacy compliance.
  • Develop policies and programs that encourage managers and employees to report improprieties without fear of retaliation.
  • Review all documents and other information that are relevant to privacy compliance activities.

It is important to appreciate how critical the HIPAA Privacy Compliance Officer is to the successful compliance of any healthcare organization. Be sure to understand what the role is of this vital position so that it can best support the compliance efforts of your organization.

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