Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Proactive Compliance Begins with Early Training

Compliance training is not an end of the year check list item

It is the last week of December and Stephanie has just begun to do her compliance training for the year. She had not progressed too far into the training when she was pulled away in order to help a co-worker. Two days later, Stephanie tries to continue with her compliance training, but runs into an unforeseen technical issue. Another day passes before the technical issue is resolved and she can continue with her compliance training. Stephanie's anxiety is beginning to rise as she only has two more days before the end of the year to complete her training.

At the end of last year, I received many phone calls from healthcare professionals who needed assistance trying to complete their required compliance training before the end of the year. These people's emotions ranged from anxious and panicked to the always fall back emotion of, "oh well, I'm not the one who will be held liable if some thing happens".

There are many areas of compliance where Healthcare Professionals are required to have annually documented compliance training. These areas include, but are not limited to HIPAA, OSHA, and Medicare. In the case of an audit, it is always the recommend practice to have all of your compliance training documents reflect the current year.

Having a proactive approach to compliance is the best way to protect your office against possible liability and a proactive approach begins with early in the year compliance training. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that your office has its compliance training done for the current year.

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