Monday, January 30, 2017

HSCI Interview with Josh Johnson of Advanced MD: Episode 3

Advanced MD

In this week's episode, Lance King from Healthcare Compliance Solutions (, interviews Josh Johnson, the Executive Vice President of Advanced MD.  Advanced MD is a cloud-based service-provider for EMR (electronic medical record), billing, and telemedicine software.

Get to Know Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson has a passion for sports.  He grew up playing four high school sports and now enjoys coaching his children's teams. His father was a great example of not quitting and instilled that value in him.  Josh's favorite quote is from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right!”  

Josh Johnson as a Manager
Josh has relied on that philosophy of positive thinking and giving it his all throughout his career. He especially had to rely on it during times of transitions.  Josh worked as the VP of sales for ADP.  When ADP acquired Advanced MD, Josh made a lateral move to work for them and has since been promoted to Executive Vice President of Sales.  Josh Johnson recommends the book Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast and tries to stick to it's principles when managing his sales team.  When acquiring new companies and instilling the new culture of commitment, Josh looks for people who are willing to not give up and want to have a long-term career with the company.  He prides himself on developing a positive culture where his salespeople can succeed if they're willing to put in the effort.  A key part of that culture development is the practice of giving nicknames to co-workers.  Giving everyone nicknames is just part of building a culture of success, motivation, and retention at Advanced MD.  

Advanced MD
Advanced MD is a nation-wide, cloud-hosted tech company that specializes in technology and software for medical offices as large as 25 or more practitioners or as small as a single doctor-owned practice that is just starting out. Within the software, they provide electronic medical record (EMR), patient portals so patients can access their information and fill out forms online, telemedicine
platforms where patients can receive healthcare remotely, as well as scheduling software and more.   Josh says that Advanced MD's biggest competitive advantage is their billing software.  Because of billing inefficiencies, physicians end up treating their first two patients of every day for free.  Advanced MD's billing products will help eliminate that inefficiency.  Besides offering billing software directly to clients, Advanced MD also offers software for billing companies, or can take over billing entirely.

Another competitive advantage of Advanced MD is their specialized sales and implementation teams.  These teams are familiar with the needs and nuances of specific specialties.  The implementation teams will walk everyone, established practice or brand-new start-up, through all aspects of the software.  This includes set-up, credentialing, billing, scheduling, reporting, and submitting claims.  Once the client understands the product, they are turned over to service specialists who continue to support the practice with any questions or continuing needs.  Advanced MD also offers additional products, such as analytic tools which can help a practice compare and contrast their performance with others in the same specialty or locality.  
Doctors/business owners like to have control over data. Advanced MD offers that control through access to information and charts electronically. The efficiencies gained through Advanced MD allows doctors to use their time on patient care, instead of keeping track of papers. Doctors can enter information on a tablet or phone and it will be uploaded to the cloud. Electronic charting systems are also more effective in safeguarding patient information.  Advanced MD prides itself on billing efficiency so offices have higher bill-pay, thus becoming more profitable.  Advanced MD also offers continued support for their clients after purchase through product enhancements, question support, access to newsletters, and monthly webinars  Finally, if clients refer other practitioners resulting in a sale, the referring office earns discounts and other incentives.  Josh Johnson says Advanced MD's mission is to save the private practice by focusing on billing efficiency, continuous advancement, and putting the customer first.

Potential clients may visit Advanced MD's website at; it's easy to navigate and offers access to webinars, information by specialty, and newsletter subscription.
Or call 800-825-0224 and anyone in the company would be happy to answer questions.

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