Friday, June 10, 2016

Should HIPAA Be A Global Standard?

Is healthcare a basic human right or a privilege?

Where do patient rights regarding personal health information privacy, security and portability begin and end in a global healthcare reality?

Should there be a global standard for the expression of what HIPAA is trying to accomplish? Many countries have there own versions of "HIPAA" (Canada's PHIPA for example) albeit usually in many less volumes of bureaucracy then the United States version.  What about Europe, China, India, any developing countries?  Many of our Pharmaceuticals come from laboratories in India, medical supplies from Asia, various patient data services offshore to many locations.  Patient insurance portability for healthcare across state lines or country boarders... All these issues bring to mind these topics for discussion:  Should there be a "Global" standard for Healthcare, insurance portability and basic human rights to PHI privacy and security?  

What are your thoughts? Please join the discussion.

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