Friday, June 3, 2016

How HCSI is Making a Difference in the Healthcare Industry

By creating a compliance service that has supported the efforts and improvements of thousands of healthcare professionals all across the nation, HCSI has made a difference!

There is a current trend in the healthcare industry. Companies have been created with the sole purpose of compliance training for healthcare offices. This "rash" is irritating and annoying. These type of "training" companies do not care about the healthcare organization, their employees, the success of the administrators, or their patients. Healthcare offices itch and itch at this "rash" hoping it will feel better. "If I only do my compliance training, everything will be alright.". Only doing compliance training is like scratching at an irritating "rash", it will not make things better and the rash will never go away.

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has said that compliance is a "continuous journey". They are not looking to see if employees are simply trained in compliance as that is not enough! It is all about the "continuous journey" and not the final destination. Having a "rash" is not the final destination. There is no final destination in compliance!

It is the "continuous journey" of compliance that the OCR is looking for. They want healthcare professionals to have a sort of culture of compliance as part of their organization. Here is what the OCR is looking for:
  • Established and written policies and procedures
  • Documentation . . . about everything
  • Continuous improvement
  • Compliance education (yes, training is only one part of compliance)
  • Self-Audits
  • Accountability
  • Effort, attitude, and mindset
Yes, there is an ointment to this compliance training "rash"!

For more than 30 years, Healthcare Compliance Solutions, Inc. (HCSI) has been working with healthcare professionals. HCSI has a compliance service that will cure that irritating training "rash" which as been plaguing healthcare offices' for many years. When a healthcare office becomes a Compliance Business Partner with HCSI, they begin their "continuous journey" of compliance by having:
  • Established and written policies and procedures (Policy Manual)
  • Documentation (Forms)
  • Continuous improvement (Updates)
  • Compliance education (Training Modules in HIPAA, OSHA, HR, Medicare)
  • Self-Audits (Customization)
  • Accountability (Employee Progress Tracking)
  • Effort, attitude, and mindset (Support, Reference Manual, and Social Media)
HCSI's compliance service is not about only training and giving healthcare organizations a "rash". It is about creating an effective partnership that will help healthcare organizations establish a culture of compliance within their office by helping and supporting the organization, their employees, their administrator, compliance officers and their patients. HCSI has been making a difference in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years and HCSI will continue to make a difference for many years to come!

Remember, compliance it is not about having a "rash". Compliance is about a "continuous journey" and HCSI will be riding shotgun and sitting right beside you on this journey of compliance!

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