Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trouble with Compliance Training

Getting your employees to complete their compliance training can be a challenge!

Compliance training is not something that your employees want to take time away from their busy schedule to complete. It is not high on their priority list and they feel like it is a waste of their time. This attitude is very common throughout many healthcare organizations. This type of employee attitude is a dangerous attitude to have within a healthcare organization. I have received many calls from clients asking for help with correcting this attitude within their organization.

Here are two of my suggestions for correcting a poor attitude towards training within a healthcare organization:

  1. Create a Culture of Compliance - When employees see that protecting the health information of the patient is not a high priority for their leaders (doctors, administrators, etc.), then protecting the patients privacy and health information will not be a priority for them either. This type of behavior and attitude will then become part of the organization's culture.
  2. Performance Review - Incorporate the completion of the employee's compliance training into their performance review. If an employee has not completed all of their compliance training, then that will be a negative factor in their performance review.
It is important that all employees (including doctors) complete their required compliance training every year!

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