Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cutting the Fat from 2016 Compliance Officer Duties: HIPAA, OSHA, Medicare, HR

As you know, HIPAA, OSHA, Medicare, Human Resource Management have each established their own ongoing requirements for Compliance Officers, per location.

Would you agree that this list of duties can be confusing and overwhelming?

This is why we are going to have a training that will help cut the fat from these lists of responsibilities to help compliance officers who are also front desk, office managers, assistants, or even doctors 
to focus on the core procedures that must be documented and communicated to staff.

Also, Exciting news...we think!!! I'm going to be rolling out a HUGE Incentive Program for you!

I'm not going to roll out the red carpet with all the details of our Incentive Program until the webinar, but what I can say is that it involves HCSI mailing you $100 Holiday Gift Cards in October! 

Again, this webinar is going to do two things:
1) "Check up from the neck up": Ongoing Compliance Officer Duties
2) "Roll out the Red Carpet": Incentive Program

Who should watch this webinar:
•           Doctors
•           Practice Management (Office Manager, Assistants, etc.)
•           Compliance Officers (HIPAA, OSHA…)
•           Staff (Front Desk, Back Office, IT, etc.)

(Allow 1 hour for the training)

This video can also be viewed on YouTube, at:

For more information on protecting your office regarding this issue or additional HIPAA, OSHA, HR, and Medicare resources, please visit our web site: or email support at:

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