Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Discussion Point: Patients Making Recordings In Healthcare Settings

Policies Restricting Patient Recordings In Medical Settings

What are your opinions on a medical office or practice creating a policy to prevent/limit patients from making audio/video recordings in exam rooms or other common areas where HIPAA or patient privacy could be violated by improper use of these recordings?

Does the office or practice have free reign to create such a policy?  What if any limitations might apply?

What about the patient?  Do they have any "rights" providing them the freedom to be able to record a procedure or practitioner giving treatment instructions for example? 

What about recordings in a maternity ward/nursery or during child birth?  What about the potential for cell phones to disrupt sensitive medical equipment?  What about patient's using apps like Pokemon Go and inadvertently or covertly overhearing and recording sensitive patient information?
What HIPAA regulations or legal ramifications might be evoked by such a situation?  How does an office notify patients of and enforce such a policy?  Should the office require patients to sign an acknowledgement of said policy or is a posted sign or notice adequate?

I would love to hear all your thoughts on this topic and any addition related issues that might come up that I have not already listed in the situations above. 

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