Friday, March 25, 2016

What to Expect in a 2016 HIPAA Audit (video)

Would you be surprised if OCR showed up for a HIPAA audit?

Who does this impact?
A Fine from OCR does not just impact the physician, but also the
office manager, the staff, and the reputation of the practice for years to come!

In this webinar, HCSI guides healthcare practices and business associates
on what to expect during a HIPAA audit, with our webinar.

3 main points of reference in the webinar:
1. Penalties for HIPAA Violations
2. Areas covered in an audit
3. Let's begin your Audit!

Additional resources at the end of the presentation:

1.       The change being made with OCR’s HIPAA Audit protocol
2.       Start to finish expectations for 2016 HIPAA audits
3.       HIPAA audit planning recommendations

Click here for the webinar or view below:

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