Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Keys To A Successful Budget

Having a successful budget will give financial peace to any organization.

One of the biggest challenges of any organization is ensuring that the amount of capital available enables that organization to accomplish the goals it has set. Having a budget in place will enable an organization to understand if that capital is available or if additional funds are required.

Below are five keys to having a successful budget:
  1. Work Together - In order to establish and maintain a successful budget, it is important for all areas of an organization to work together in its creation. The budget should be established based on the goals of the organizations for the upcoming fiscal year. This should be done during an annual budget meeting.
  2. Understand the True Income - True income is all income that a business earns. This income could include cash, credit, investments, etc. It is necessary to understand the true income of the organization in order to create a successful budget.
  3. Review on a Monthly Basis - It is important to review and prioritize the budget on a monthly basis. If any changes have occurred to the income or expenditures of the organization, then the budget should be adjusted. It may also be necessary to adjust the budget based on a sudden shift within the organization or change in its goal. Any changes to the budget should be approved by all involved areas of the organization.
  4. Write Your Budget Down - Having a written budget helps clarify the budget for all involved. In addition, it helps speed-up the approval process by enabling all involved to discuss and adjust the budget during the budget meeting.
  5. Emergency Funds - Unpredictable occurrences happen during the fiscal year. It is fiscally responsible for any organization to have emergency funds worked into the budget. These funds should only be accessed in an emergency situation and if all areas of the organization who are involved in the budget agree.
When an organization understands the amount of capital it has to work with, then it is more likely to better utilize that capital in order to achieve its intended goal.

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