Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Navigating the Healthcare Compliance Jungle with HCSI: HIPAA, OSHA, Medicare, and HR Employment Law Online Training

In the world of Healthcare compliance, you may agree that it has become increasingly difficult to identify the most practical, inexpensive, and automated resource option for training and maintaining compliance in case of an audit?

We provide HIPAA, OSHA, Medicare and Human Resources online training and personnel tracking. We provide each of our clients with a “Compliance Reference Guide”, a “Compliance Plan Audit Manual” (Policies and Procedures), and online access to regulatory forms and updates.

In addition, Administrative newsletters are sent out at weekly, monthly, and quarterly intervals. Sections of our Administrative alerts are posted on our LinkedIn Group (http://bit.ly/HCSIforum). Our support phones are answered by trained compliance experts, never an auto-attendant. Emailed support questions are answered promptly. Our goal is to provide the highest level of compliance support to the healthcare industry.

The HCSI Online Compliance Training Tutorial can be viewed along other tutorial videos at http://bit.ly/HCSITutorial

If you have not purchased our compliance training program, here is an incredible audio testimonial that may assist you in the decision making process:

Also, If you are just starting your career as a Healthcare Practice Administrator, you may be interested in learning about how others have navigated the Office Administrative Jungle. Listen now:

Want to know why others have considered our online program’s solutions? 
This compliance training is needed for those who fit anyone of the following:
1. For All Employees:  Required OSHA, HIPAA and Medicare Retraining
2. Complete training in OSHA, HIPAA, Employee Policies/ Employment Law and Medicare
3.Compliance Plan Manual, Reference Guide and  Ongoing Training and Certificate Binder
4. Phone and Email consulting services for all compliance questions
5. Monthly email administrative compliance updates
6. Quarterly employer/employee compliance newsletter to satisfy ongoing training requirements
7. Required federal forms continually updated (easily customized)  

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Call 801-947-0183 or e-mail support@hcsiinc.com (Ask for Lance King).

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