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HCSI Interveiw with Buck Parker a General and Trauma Surgeon Episode: 25

Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions ( interviewed Buck Parker, General and Trauma Surgeon at St Mark's Hospital and digital entrepreneur.

Buck Parker was born in Jackson WY. He did his residency at Detroit's Henry Ford hospital, and after a couple of moves to Florida and Wyoming now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Buck grew up hunting with his dad and  in field dressing animals became interested in anatomy. His dad and grandpa were carpenters and he enjoyed working with his hands, plus he loved science. He thought about being a doctor when he was 16 and after some detours finally decided to go into medicine when he was 21. He felt that he did better in med school than most of his colleagues because he was older and more mature. 

Digital Entrepreneurship
Buck's family members had their own businesses, so he grew up with an entrepreneurial mindset. His mom and dad had a motel and restaurant. They did things out of box and were ahead of the marketing curve and Buck learned to think creatively from them. He wanted an internet business when the internet first came around and in medical school he researched web-businesses. Between college and medical school he lost 30-40 pounds, so he decided to get into affiliate marketing and sell the product that helped him lose the weight. He told us how he ended up having the most popular website for these products and the company had to ask him not to compete with them. Buck shared with us different methods of digital marketing, including pay-per-click, opt-ins, and content creation and curation.

When he first started out, pay-per-click (PPC) was a cheap and easy way to get people to find your webpage. PPC is where a company pays a host website money every time a  user clicks on the company's ad. Another PPC method is where a company 'buys' search engine words so that when a user searches those terms, the company's advertisement will show up first on the search list. As time has gone on, PPC marketing has gotten more expensive. Buck recommends looking at other avenues that are more accessible.

One of those methods is opt-ins. Anytime a company offers something for free in exchange for a customer's email address, it is utilizing opt-in marketing. Social media platforms are essentially opt-in based, because users click “follow” to receive information and offers from a company. Buck says that as long as you give good content, you can eventually offer a product or service to purchase, or you can receive money through advertisers who want to be featured on your page. Many companies do this and he doesn't see why physicians can't do the same thing. He says, “If you can be informative and entertaining, you'll gain followers.” The purpose of opt-in marketing is to give value. His company's goal is to give 10 times the value of stuff the customer buys, so if they buy $1000 worth of stuff, he wants to give them $10,000 worth of content.  Buck knows that most people are scared of giving too much because people won't buy their stuff, but he says that good marketers give more than average.

Content Creation and Curation
A related method that Buck touched on was content creation and curation. This method works with social media. You can either create your own content, such as photos, videos, and articles, or you can curate a collection of related photos, videos, and articles created by other people. He has found that curation is much easier and effective than creation. Buck told us about his Jackson Hole Vacation Instagram account and how he's found ways to successfully attract advertisers.
Buck says the most important thing is to spend time figuring out what platforms work for your specific services/products. He subscribes to Gary Vaynerchuk's idea of 'day trading in people's attention' and that every time people's attention moves to a new thing, there's another opportunity to be the first person there. The current trend of attention is moving from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat. Buck looks forward to staying on top of the social media marketing curve throughout these changes.

Personal Habit of Success
Throughout the interview, it was apparent that throughout his life, Buck Parker is a persistent person, who doesn't stop looking for the next challenge. It was no surprise when he said persistence was his personal habit of success. He says you have to hold on to the things you like and that drive you. For him, surgery and internet marketing drive his passion. Buck watched his parents try to do everything themselves and they were never able to grow their businesses as big as they could have. He realized that he has to give up micromanaging and find the right person to take care of the details so he will be free to build something else.

Three Absolute Truths
  1. Be kind because everyone is human. It's the right thing to do and you'll be happier for it.
  2. Always be yourself. Be authentic and don't worry about what people say. Embrace whatever makes your life fun.
  3. Be awesome. When you have positive energy, (like picking up trash when no one is looking), it piles up and makes you feel better which makes you be able to do better things for the world.

Buck Parker, Bio

Dr. Buck Parker is a Doctor and Entrepreneur. Dr. Buck is a General and Trauma Surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is from Jackson, Wyoming and is an avid skier. He did his medical school at St. Matthews University School of Medicine in Belize. He then did his General Surgery residency at Henry Ford Hospital in downtown Detroit, MI. Dr. Parker has been an entrepreneur since residency when in 2007 he built a successful business selling exercise DVDs and equipment based on internet marketing and search algorithms. Since then he has been interested in how current technology can shape and improve our lives and society. Dr. Parker’s mission is to use this knowledge to spread the positive message of personal accountability for overall societal improvement, using social media and internet marketing techniques. With this mindset change, ordinary people can achieve greatness

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