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HCSI Interview with Todd Stabelfeldt CEO of C4 Database Management Consulting

This show features an interview with Todd Stabelfeldt, the CEO of C4 Database Management Consulting ( by Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions, Inc (

Todd Stabelfeldt
Todd grew up in a German, military household and love was based on performance. He was shot at age 8 in the spinal cord and hasnt' been able to feel or move from neck down since. At age 9 his mom said he would have to move out when he was 20 years old so he knew he had to be successful in school and plan on getting a job. When he was 6 he wanted to be a Navy seal, then he was crippled and he decided to be a psychiatrist. After graduating high school early and taking some college classes, he decided that he needed to forego medical school and get to work. He got a job at a medical software development company, and later went on to start C4 Database Management Consulting. He is married with 2 kids, a dog, and a cat he doesn't want. He has a fantastic life. He can see how tough-love made him strong and his step-father's unconditional love made him the man he is today. He teaches his kids that you don't get a trophy just for showing up.  Todd also likes to teach people about how technology advancements have changed his life. He especially likes to show Apple store employees how Switch controls can help disabled customers. To aid in educating people about the enabling technologies available, Todd started the Todd Stabelfeldt Foundation. You can learn more about it at

Emily Warren
Emily has known Todd for 20 years. She worked in a pathology lab in Nashville, which used the software that Todd's previous employer developed, and so they got to know each other professionally.  When Todd started his own firm she wanted to join to get back to database management where her core strengths were. She loves being able to work in Nashville, even though Todd is in the Seattle area. She's thankful for the technology that makes it possible for them to work together over such a long distance.

C4 Database Management
When Todd left his previous employer, he thought databases were just taken care of. He realized that most people don't know what happens with data in healthcare, or how to restore data when something goes wrong. There is a huge need for database experts and that need will continue to grow. C4 is like an insurance policy that makes sure the data is secure and recoverable in cases of hacking, ransomware, system crashes, etc.
When first meeting with a client, C4 will first do a health check of the database to see where the weaknesses lie and if the data is backing-up correctly. Then the team will meet with the client and discuss a plan for monitoring the database. C4 works with a provider's IT department, as a value-add, not a replacement for that department. C4's clients consist mostly of labs and hospitals. The company is not reactive; it is very proactive in everything it does. C4 started with patient database management, but  has grown organically, driven by customer requests. Todd enjoys the chance to serve millions of people who don't even know him. He says that doors open as you stay humble. Anyone interested in using C4 Database Management Consulting's services should contact them via the information found on the website,

Habits of success
Emily's habit of success is staying focused. She remembers that patients are more than piece of paper. She says if you lose focus, you just float around.
Todd's habit of success is knowing who he is. He's not a crippled kid, whining about what happened to him. He's grown, real, legit, and comfortable with who he is. He says, “Get up every day and do you; don't stray from the path.” Also, “When your wife tells you to man up, get up and do it.”

3 Absolute Truths
Todd's absolute truths are short and simple: 1-Jesus, 2-Karen Stablefeldt, 3-Emily Warren
Emily says her absolute truths are as follows: 1-Love yourself. Don't let anyone bring you down. 2-Family as a whole is important; it takes a village to run her life 3-She wants to get up every day and love what she does; she loves being able to take care of others.

Entrepreneurship: Changed Over Time
At the beginning, Todd said he accepted anything and everything as a job. He didn't know who he was. A client told him he would be a good employee but sucked at being consultant. She told him to “know who you are and you'll attract the right clients.” He has found that statement to be true. Emily says not to get caught up with what someone else is doing and play to your strengths.

Emily Warren
C4 Database Management provides clients with database management and computer systems consulting services. As Director of Customer Service and Operations,  Emily manages a wide range of client needs including assessing and implementing LIS system enhancements: upgrades, interfaces, custom reports and more. In the process,  she leverages her knowledge of multiple LIS systems, active directories, and related hardware and software to deliver quality service to C4’s customers. In this position, she also oversees internal C4 operations and sales management tasks. She assesses customer needs and collaborates with C4 management on developing solutions to address the continually changing needs of the C4 client base. Additionally, she supervises the internal production management system to plan project implementations and balance workloads for the team.

Todd Stabelfeldt
As CEO, lead software engineer and DBA, Todd oversees IT projects typically based on SQL databases in healthcare laboratory, government agency, and other industries. He initiates engagements by consulting with customers and then providing roadmaps to implementation and ongoing maintenance. His projects in the anatomical and clinical pathology IT space extend into certain specialty areas: Corepoint software implementations for interface development, lab results data management, and billings systems. Todd’s consultations involve the management tools used in these environments such as Kronos, Meditech, PowerPath, Psyche, Orchard, and Cortex as well as general IT management tools like Autotask (AEM) & Kaseya.

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