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HCSI Interview with Hunter Howard of Hormone Therapeutics Episode: 22

In this show, Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions ( interviewed Hunter Howard, president of Hormone Therapeutics.

Hunter Howard
Personal Life
Hunter Howard is the president of Hormone Therapeutics. This is the third health tech company he's started. He loves to travel and has been to 97 countries. Hunter believes that experiencing new things is what life is all about. He spoke about a couple of his travel experiences in the interview. He loves entrepreneurs, seekers, people who do new things. Hunter considers himself a foodie and is currently writing book about the best dining around the world. He got his recommendations from hundreds of company presidents. The book will be called “Where the Presidents Eat.”  When Hunter was younger he was a passionate sports fan and wanted to go into sports marketing. When he went to business school, he saw new opportunities and followed the entrepreneurial path, instead.
Hunter believes in being a lifetime learner. After he sold his first company, MediGain, he should have been feeling relaxed and happy but he felt awful. He knew there was something wrong. Hunter spent the next year of his life going to doctors to figure out the problem. He found he had low testosterone and late onset food allergies. Once he had the tests and discovered the problems, they were easy to fix. His doctors kept wanting to give him medications and didn't want to do the tests. At that point, Hunter realized the opportunity in the healthcare market for a someone who specialized in doing wellness programs based on various blood tests. Hunter's current passion is for helping people live their healthiest life through wellness, instead of following the sick care model.  (A few of our other interviewees spoke of this same passion and the need for the healthcare industry to make the move from sick care to wellness support here, here, here, and here.)

Hormone Therapeutics
This passion has helped Hunter create his current company, Hormone Therapeutics, a company that focuses on improving healthspan, meaning helping people be healthy throughout their entire lives. Hormone Therapeutics follows the telemedicine model and utilizes blood testing kits to measure wellness in clients. If people live outside of New York or LA, or other major metropolitan area, they can't find hormone replacement therapy experts in their local areas. To reach more people, the company devised a long-distance solution. Hormone Therapeutics will send a kit through the mail  and set someone up with a teleconsultation (or if a client prefers, a nurse can bring a kit to any home in America). The team will start with genetic testing to figure out eat, sleep, and exercise profile if the individual. Next, the team will test a person's endocrine system and figure out medication metabolism. Gut bacteria is linked to physical and mental health, so Hormone Therapeutics will also figure out a client's biome.
 One of the tests performed measures telomeres, which are the ends of a piece of DNA. Every time genes split, the telomeres get shorter. A cellular age can be established with the telomere test. A qualitative self-evaluation is also taken. All of these tests can tell you where you are deficient, where you are optimized. Hormone Therapeutics will analyze the results and come up with a health plan to optimize health. Many doctors and nurses serve on the team to determine a client's plan. Your scientific map can be decoded through right tests and can provide individualized plans for wellness that no primary care physician can. Most primary care physicians get 4 hrs of nutrition credits while at school and 0 hours about monitoring the endocrine system. Hormone therapeutics can bridge that gap for the patient and primary care doctor. Then, the company can do periodic monitoring to ensure optimization of the wellness plan. These results can be shared with the primary care physician to help with local treatment. Hormone Therapeutics is also moving into the employee wellness field and doing employee testing and monitoring. They can all employees for a fraction of the cost of what other companies charge to provide this service to the company executives only.

Any primary care doctor who would like to offer Hormone Therapeutics in conjunction with the care they provide, or people wanting to implement employee wellness can email Check out the website

If you don't fall, you're not trying hard enough. You're going to fail, so you must be adaptive, have a mission, and have a great team. Hormone Therapeutics has a mission to add 20 healthy years to every life. The biggest difficulty they have know is figuring out how to reach potential clients because people typically look for local healthcare providers, not large companies offering telemedicine. Hunter is confident that he and his team will find a solution.

Personal Habits of Success
Hunter feels lucky to come from an amazing family with phenomenal parents and two amazing sisters who inspire him. He continually sets out goals, driven by how he can help people. He's learned that as the bar is set higher to make sure he's meeting his own expectations, not things others set for him. He's also learned that it's important to enjoy the moment, enjoy the accomplishments, and enjoy working with a team.

Three Absolute Truths
1.  Exploration is important; learning and experiencing is life. Hunter wants to flip over every rock on the planet; he wants to see, smell, and taste everything.
2.  Friends and family are the most important aspect of your life. Tell them so!
3.  Find your passion. Find a way to combine passions, skills, and interests. Make work not feel like work. Create the life you want to live by integrating passion.

An entrepreneur is someone who sees the world differently. They can see that something is missing and figure out how to fill that need.


Hunter Howard has founded three innovative HealthTech companies, following Fortune 100 Management experience, using leading technology and global business strategies for disruptive advantage. Howard also founded MediGain medical billing and led it to a successful Private Equity exit. He is an investor in and advisor for digital health startups. Hormone Therapeutics provides patients a 'Scientific map to personal health optimization' through in-home testing (blood, saliva, genetics, telomere, microbiome) and guidance through a national telemedicine platform.  Email him at

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