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HCSI Interview with Charles Tramont of Meridian Medical Practice Solutions Episode: 23

Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions, Inc ( interviewed Charles Tramont, Founder and CEO of Meridian Medical Practice Solutions (

Personal Life
Charles Tramont is a quick-witted dad who lives in Las Vegas with his 6 kids and his fiance, Candy. His father was an OB/GYN and he watched and learned the ups and downs of private practice. Charles served briefly in the US Army in psychological operations, so when he got out, he went into marketing. Working for a marketing firm, he learned about everyone else's business. He founded several business ventures, including co-founding dual diagnosis center in South Jordan, and a digital marketing company, as well as his current company, Meridian Medical Practice Solutions. He has experienced the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur and says, “You don't know how high you can get until you bounce off the tarmac a couple of times.” His successes and his failures have led him to where he is today. Charles heard a quote by Chuck Yeager that impacted his way of thinking. Yeager was told about the number of people who had died attempting to fly faster than the speed of sound and Yeager said that since there was nothing he could do he wasn't going to worry about it. Charles has seen many people who don't get past the starting gate because they get caught up in worry. He has realized that successful people get up and do things.

Today's Practice
Charles says the popular publication which he started, Today's Practice, began almost as a by-product of a different firm that he ran.  He co-founded an organization where they managed associations and membership benefits. He saw the need for easily distributing information to physicians who were part of that network. He bought a domain name late at night and started the trade magazine, and it has blossomed from there. This October, Today's Practice is hosting a conference for physicians, and it will feature an investor symposium for start-up healthcare technologies. The mantra of Today's Practice is to disrupt the status quo in regards to current state of healthcare and patient outcomes. 

Meridian Medical Practice Solutions
Before Charles spoke of Meridian Medical Practice Solutions, he shared a couple of anecdotes about why he started the company. When he was younger, his father came back from Desert Storm after a year deployment and rebuilt his OB/GYN medical practice. A couple of years later, his practice was acquired by a hospital, who held him over barrel professionally and he had to acquiesce to their demands because he had no network for assistance or advice.
Fast forward to 6 years ago when Charles was at a conference with an ad agency client, a podiatrist. The conference turned out to be nothing but web development pitch which every physician who attended had paid $1600 per ticket. He felt like he was in a room with 150 people like his father, who had no recourse for misrepresentation and no one to turn to. He decided to do something about it. He directly went to his hotel room, called his attorney, CPA, and PR firm and said he was creating a new organization that would offer an advisory board-in-a-box for physicians. Over time, they added features and benefits and were approached by a physician membership organization who wanted to use them to manage membership benefits and educate physicians. Now he promotes businesses that add value for physicians and create a win-win business model.

Walk through
The only way to gain access to benefits of MMPS is to be a member of an independent physician organization. If you have not joined and IPA, join and participate. TIPAA (The IPA Association of America) is the best resource for finding an IPA near you and is the best ally in protecting against legislative issues in Washington. One of the benefits of MMPS and an IPA is being able to find out about related service providers and know that they are recommended. The best way to find out more about Today's Practice, Charles Tramont, and MMPS is to visit This website has the basics of what his organizations are all about.

Failure That Shaped Charles
Charles says that in being a true entrepreneur, the list of his failures is long. One good instance is when he co-founded a digital signage company with friends. When they encountered a problem, the only solution they saw was to raise money. They decided on a single, absolute path and because they weren't willing to look at other solutions, they made bad decisions to reach their goal. The moral of the story he learned in this case was to always step out of yourself and weigh other options, then determine the best- and worst-case scenarios. Finally, mentally disown all outcomes to be more open to them all and choose the best option. Another failure that shaped him was when his investment in the digital marketing company went from $7/share to 22 cents/share overnight and on the same day he lost his $250,000 in a bar he had purchased. He went home and was immobilized because of the weight of what had just happened. His significant other, Candy said, “Are you going to sit there all day or get up and start something new?” He got up and through his new ventures was able to recoup the vast majority of his losses in less than year.

Personal habits of success
Charles doesn't think any successful people stop looking forward. He says the secret to happiness is, “Don't argue with idiots,” meaning don't waste your time on people who don't know what you are capable of. He is successful not because of optimism but because of stubbornness. He doesn't know he can't do something, so he does it. 

Three Absolute Truths
  1. Family is everything
  2. Nothing is absolute (besides family being everything), so question everything.
  3. Don't go hiking in Vegas between noon and 4:00 PM.

Charles asked Lance to share his absolute truths. His three truths are as follows:
  1. God exists
  2. Family is number one
  3. Telling the truth will steer you in the right direction

Future of MMPS
Charles says that he hopes his organization will help healthcare have a sustainable and more certain future. He says that MMPS exists to make sure independent physicians focus on their patients and not their mortgage payments. He won't know if he's making an impact until it's long been made and he hopes to be around to see the fruits of his labors.

Charles Tramont Bio
Charles Tramont is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meridian Medical Practice Solutions (MMPS). MMPS is hailed to be the "Preventative Medicine for the Health of Your Practice", and is quickly becoming the membership platform for tens of thousands of physicians nationwide. Early in his career, Charles served in the U.S. Army Special Operations as a Psychological Operations Specialist and Russian Linguist, which created an incredible foundation for his future in field of Marketing and Advertising. After founding and operating a successful marketing firm in Scottsdale, AZ, Charles brought his team and expertise to the Las Vegas market where he developed a solution to declining patient outcomes, through creating a successful environment for today's physicians. Now at the helm of Meridian MPS, he continues to develop innovative methods of educating today’s physicians through physical and web based solutions. Charles is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Today's Practice, a publication that is quickly becoming the dominant voice in changing the business of medicine.

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