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HCSI Interview with Scott Roethle of World Global Network Episode: 14

In this episode, Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions, Inc ( interviewed Scott Roethle of World Global Network, distributor of HELO wearable technology, and Medical Director of Lifelog Health.

What Scott Roethle Wishes You Knew About Him
Scott is a private practice anesthesiologist in Kansas City, Kansas.  He is more outgoing and willing to take risks than most people realize.  He says he wishes that most people knew that anesthesiologists don't just “put people to sleep;” they also keep people alive during surgery.  The anesthesiology field is moving towards a peri-operative model, meaning anesthesiologists are now trying to be involved in patient care before, during, and after surgery.  This approach leads to lower recovery times and patients feeling better after surgery.  He's recently gotten frustrated with the healthcare industry because of the sick-care model and has been working to shift the focus to preventative care and wellness.

HELO and World Global Network
Scott and some colleagues were talking about the potential wearables had in the healthcare and wellness industry a little over a year ago.  They all agreed that the current market offerings did not do anything very useful, so they started brainstorming what the perfect wearable device could/would do.  They came up with the HELO device, a wearable health tracking device.
 In the first year, 300,000 HELO devices were sold.  Recently, they upgraded the device in the HELO LX.  This model is able to do the following (the only ambulatory wearable device on the market able to do all of these): monitor heart rate, count steps, measure blood pressure, monitor sleep, read respiration rate, monitor mood and energy level, and conduct a basic ECG test. The HELO LX also has a panic button that users can push to call for emergency response personnel.  Within the next year, the company hopes to release a new model that will also be able to estimate blood glucose levels, blood alcohol, and blood oxygen.
The HELO LX wearable is a product owned by the company World Global Network, which distributes the device through direct sales and online purchasing.  The HELO LX uses BlueTooth technology to upload all the information to LifeLog Health.  Through the app WeCare, family members, healthcare service providers, trainers, wellness coaches and others can access user information.  All of this technology and information-sharing is HIPAA-compliant and secure.  The data is non-identifiable except to the people that the user specifically grants access.  Providers and care-givers with access to the data can continually monitor, periodically download reports, or receive a report directly from the user.  The biggest markets for the device are independent seniors who live alone, employees as part of a corporate wellness program, and people with chronic conditions.  Fitness trainees and commercial drivers are also large potential markets.

More Information
For information on HELO and the distributor opportunity, please visit To place an order or learn more about World Global Network, you may go to  For health care implementation and/or managed services of the HELO, please see  There are many options available to anyone interested in growing a business or distributing to their patients.  The best way to discover those options would be to talk to Scott.  In addition to his website, he can be reached through LinkedIn and Facebook.

Personal Habits To Which Scott Roethle Attributes His Success  
Scott attributes all success in his life to God.  He has been given gifts from God and he uses those gifts to help others.  He says that he is willing to “go the extra mile,” learn more, do more, and learn from failures.  He says that he has faith that God will get him through failures and that in his life, the most growth has come after failures and disasters.

Three Truths to Being Successful and Fulfilled
First, being successful and being fulfilled are two different things and people need to recognize that.  Being successful is externally driven and being fulfilled in internally driven.  Scott likes to focus more on being fulfilled.
Second, raising good kids is key. Teach them to be appreciative and have a good heart.
Third, do as much as possible to help others. It doesn't have to be huge.  Just touching one life is a great place to start.

Dr. Scott Roethle Professional Bio
Thanks to Dr. Scott Roethle ( for sharing his words of wisdom and telling us about the HELO LX.   His bio is as follows:
-Dr. Roethle has long aspired to participate in disruptive innovation of the healthcare industry, particularly addressing ways to shift the paradigm away from the sick-care model towards helping people maintain health and advance wellness at both the individual and population level.
-He believes strongly in living a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle; and he has competed both as an elite triathlete and as a top-ranked physique competitor. His utmost desire is to help others more easily live and maintain optimal aspects of a healthy, prosperous life.
-His wide-ranging experience and interest outside of the clinical group-practice of anesthesia includes a startup business in disruptive innovation in health technology, marketing the revolutionary new HELO wearable and app available to practitioners and directly to the consumer ( The HELO distribution model allows anyone to earn by referring others to use the HELO, and Dr Roethle is an expert in helping others to earn income from sharing the device and the business opportunity. He serves as Medical Director of Lifelog Health (, a managed services consulting company providing health information technology and business infrastructure interface between providers and patients using health smart bands.
-Scott is a highly-qualified physician executive with experience and knowledge in many areas in and outside of the practice of medicine. He is a private practice anesthesiologist partner/owner, with extensive group leadership having served as Vice President and Treasurer, Center Chief, and service line Director. He understands and helped guide the overall corporate strategies of growth and expansion, especially pertaining to financial strategy and market opportunity.
-Dr. Roethle's experience includes serving on corporate advisory boards for health, technology, and wellness companies, as well as holding leadership roles in several local, state and national medical societies and organizations.
 -His Medical Doctorate is from the University of Minnesota, as is his undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Science in Business from the Carlson School of Management. He completed his anesthesiology residency in the Texas Medical Center in Houston.
-He lives in Leawood, Kansas with his wife of fourteen years and their four children.

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