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HCSI Interview with Dr. Jonathan Smith of Healthier is Wealthier Episode: 12

In this episode, Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions, Inc ( interviews Jonathan Smith, MD, founder of Healthier is Wealthier.

Dr. Jonathan Smith Background
Dr. Jonathan Smith grew up in Cape Town, South Africa.  When he was a boy, his parents gave him a choice: to become an engineer like his father, or to become a medical doctor.  He remembered the promise he made as a Boy Scout to help other people and knew he  would be happiest helping other people, so he chose to be a doctor.  After graduating medical school in Cape Town, he had some interesting experiences working in a hospital in Zimbabwe, a few of which he shared in the interview.  The most important thing he learned while working in Zimbabwe was that “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Dr. Smith Career
After his time in Zimbabwe, Dr. Smith went back to Cape Town, where he was studying to become a surgeon.  After three years, he realized that he was dissatisfied with that line of study.  The Chief of Surgery advised him to look into anesthesiology.  Dr. Smith did so and never looked back!  After 40 years in the field, he never lost a patient nor was sued.
 Additionally, during his time as an anesthesiologist, he discovered two toxic components in anesthetics and was instrumental in having them removed from use.  Eventually, Dr. Smith ended up in Southern California, where he decided to attend business school.  He graduated with an MBA in 2010 from California Miramar University.  Business school expanded Dr. Smith's view from helping one person at a time (treating one patient) to helping many people stay healthy.  Jonathan found his true passion in fighting the epidemic of obesity.

Healthier is Wealthier
In 2011, Jonathan created Healthier is Wealthier, based on the idea that if people can stay healthy, they can save the money they would have otherwise spent on healthcare.  Healthier is Wealthier is a consulting company that promotes wellness in the workplace.  According to, “75% of all chronic illness can be relieved or cured (No more medication need) by attention to four areas – cessation of smoking, exercise, food content and portion control, and stress relief.”  Jonathan likens our bodies to automobiles; we need to have good fuel (food), carry a lightened load (maintain healthy weight), and do preventative maintenance (measure data and follow corrective action).  When Healthier is Wealthier is hired to help with employee wellness, Dr. Smith first analyzes employees with two special medical devices that measure things like temperature, heart rate, oxygen levels, and most importantly, vascular resistance (which gives an indication of stress).  After analyzing the data, Dr. Smith and his team come up with individualized courses of action, and employees are given 6 months to work the plan.  Then results are again measured and Dr. Smith will do a follow-up consultation.

Basic Ideas of Health and Wellness
Dr. Smith lives by some basic ideas of health and wellness. First, feed your body good food; second, maintain health with exercise; third, reduce stress and get enough sleep.  Dr. Smith has a team of nutritionists and exercise experts that can build individualized programs for you and/or your team, but the main principles are found below.

Dr. Smith's basic nutrition plan is fairly simple: cut carbohydrates; eat whole, real foods; and stay hydrated.  He says that by maintaining a caloric ratio of 50% healthy/essential fats, 30% healthy protein, and 20% low glycemic index carbohydrates people will be at their pinnacle of wellness.

His exercise plan is simple as well: he recommends that most individuals try to move for 3 minutes for every 60 minutes of sitting, which means about 30 minutes of moving per day.  He says that if you want to run a marathon, then build up slowly and don't overdo it.  He doesn't believe in “bone-breaking” high-intensity workouts.  He found that 1 in 5 people whom he scanned at a cross-fit gym had cardiac problems, he believes due to the strenuous work of cross-fit.

Stress reduction/Adequate Sleep
Many stress-related problems can be addressed by getting enough sleep.  Dr. Smith says this is easy to measure; just ask, “Am I getting enough sleep?” If not, get more!

More Information
To learn more about the services Healthier is Wealthier offers or to listen to Dr. Smith's advice, please contact Dr. Jonathan Smith on Facebook @docspeak, visit or, or find his podcast or YouTube channel under Jonathan Smith, MD.  Anyone who has the need and desire to change can be helped by Dr. Smith.  He says that he can only help those who want to change.  He is committed to this program and he is the example he expects people to follow.  People need to change their eating, sleeping, and exercise habits and then they will change their lives.  Dr. Smith wants people to know that he truly cares about health and longevity. He fully intends to live to be 100 and wants to bring as many people to that age with him as possible!

Final Advice
Dr. Jonathan Smith's final advice is to be happy, be healthy, and be smart.  He embodies these three ideals and it was fun to get to know him better in this interview.  Make sure to watch or listen to the entire show to get all the stories he shared with us.

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