Monday, March 27, 2017

HCSI Interview with Vishaal Virani of Doctorpreneurs: Episode 11

Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions, Inc ( interviewed Vishaal Virani, co-founder and strategy director of

As a child, Vishaal imagined playing cricket professionally when he grew up.  As a teenager, his dreams became more down to earth.  He knew he loved helping people so he chose to go to medical school.  Soon after graduating from UCL Medical School in London in 2011.  He became a member of Doctorpreneurs, which was started by Claire Novorol in 2011, and was excited for the networking opportunities it provided.  When Claire expressed concern that this organization was becoming too much for her to handle, Vishaal and some of his colleagues decided to re-launch the Doctorpreneurs website.

This new version of Doctorpreneurs, which Vishaal and his co-founders dubbed Doctorpreneurs 2.0, expanded the original idea to include a newsletter, job and internship listings, and networking and entrepreneurial events as well as a website with interviews of successful doctor entrepreneurs, blog articles, a resource center with book listings, videos, education resources, etc.
 Vishaal said that the majority of doctors don't understand that they are entrepreneurs.  What he wants people to realize is that doctors have a desire to solve a problem; entrepreneurs work the same way.  A quote by Vishaal on the Doctorpreneurs website says, “It’s easier to teach a doctor business than to teach a businessman medicine. Doctors posses a unique skill set to make invaluable contributions to the healthcare startup world, so what are you waiting for?”   If anyone would like to join, search resources, or view job opportunities, you are invited to visit  You can also find them on twitter and LinkedIn, or email

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