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HCSI Interview with Jim Dahle of White Coat Investor: Episode 9

This show features an interview with James (Jim) Dahle, author of the book The White Coat Investor, and editor of, a financial advice blog for doctors.  The interview was conducted by Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions Inc--

Jim Dahle Background
Jim Dahle went to medical school for the same reason most other healthcare professionals do—because he liked science and loved helping people.  He did his residency in emergency medicine and continues to practice in that field.  He was never really interested in business or finance until he had been ripped off by many financial services professionals, including a realtor, an investment advisor, and a lender.  He decided he needed to learn enough to protect himself from predatory practices.

White Coat Investor
Jim began learning about financial matters through reading books at a local used book store and the library.  He found that many books weren't very good and almost none were written specifically for healthcare professionals.  From the few good books on the subject, he learned the basics of finance—investing, saving for retirement, obtaining loans, etc.  He realized most other doctors lacked the same information he had, so he began sharing his new knowledge first with friends, and then with others
through a blog.  Next, he decided to self-publish a book on Amazon, which he marketed through his blog and virtual book tours.  Currently, he has a website, Podcast, blog, and his book is a best-seller.  Jim has found that some people who won't read a blog will read a book, and some people who won't read a book will listen to a podcast.  Most of his readers/followers are medical/dental students, newly-practicing doctors, and older practicing physicians.  He is looking to expand into a YouTube channel, online course, and possibly a medical school course.  He is hoping to “meet people where they are” through all these different media channels so he can spread the word to all practicing professionals.

The best advice that Jim has been given was from medical school: “Do the right thing for the patient.”  This phrase is applicable for anyone—Do the right thing for the customer, patient, investor, etc.  He says that if you do the right thing, people will trust you and keep using your services.   Jim defines entrepreneurship as “building something not just for the money but because you want to contribute something to the world that doesn't yet exist.”  He enjoys being a doctor because he is a helper; he enjoys running White Coat Investor because it is gratifying to “help the helpers,” as he put it. This is his way of giving back to people like him, in the hopes that they don't have to go through the hard knocks that he did to learn what he knows now.

For more information, Jim can be contacted at  He enjoys all the positive feedback he receives because of his book and blog.  You can buy his book The White Coat Investor at, you can find his blog at, where you may also subscribe to his monthly newsletter.  His podcast is also available on iTunes and you can follow him on twitter @wcinvestor.  Watch his website for more ways to connect coming soon!

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