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HCSI Interview with Dr. Michael Dolby of Practice in Your Pocket: Episode 10

Practice in Your Pocket Interview with Michael Dolby; conducted by Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions Inc

Dr. Michael Dolby Background
Dr. Michael Dolby dreamed of being an architect as a child and teenager. When he entered Boise State University to play football, the coached told him it was too demanding of a degree and he needed to change his major to business, which he did.  After business school, Michael got a sales job and was excelling to the point that his sales manager told him to basically find another job because he was making the rest of the team look bad. When Michael expressed his frustrations to his dad about his job, his dad recommended that he go to dental school.
Michael enrolled in the required science classes at Boise State for a year and a half and then was accepted to dental school at Pacific University, which condensed 4 years of academic work into 3 calendar years. He then went on to complete a residency at St. Joseph's in Denver, Colorado.  Through some chance encounters, he bought a thriving practice from a dentist in Boise, where he has resided and practiced ever since.

Dental Practice Advice
The first thing a newly-practicing dentist should do is develop a vision for the practice, and then create an actionable plan to realize that vision.  Michael's best advice is to assemble a team that fully supports that vision and then empower team members to help build and create that vision.  Allow team members to speak freely and remember that everyone is on one team.  Michael said, “Practices cannot take off without teams that support them.”  He noted that a dentist taking over an existing practice has an added hurdle of having current team members buy-in to the new vision and plan. Michael says that in this case, the vision should be implemented slowly. Give team members a chance to decide if they want to be part of the new culture and allow them to leave if they don't.
When Michael first began, he realized that business school was the best thing he had done to ensure having a successful dental practice. He noticed that other dentists struggled with the practice management aspect of owning a dental office.  He saw many good dentists failing because they didn't understand the business side of their practices.  He first worked with a company called Fortune Management, which helped dentists create visions and plans to fulfill that vision. Michael realized that although the company did a lot of good, it lacked the tools dentists needed.  Michael decided to create a software application specifically for dental practice management--Practice in Your Pocket.

Practice in Your Pocket
Michael developed Practice in Your Pocket, along with his team at his dental practice, to fill the holes that he saw in current practice management applications.  The biggest problem with all other practice management solutions is that the reports they generate are difficult for dentists and their teams to understand.  Practice in Your Pocket (PIYP) automatically takes the data collected and populates that information into a personal dashboard with information like collections, new patients, and production by doctor and by hygenist.  Those fields are available to all team members so everyone can track success.  The doctor also has access to overhead numbers to track costs.  PIYP auto syncs with Quickbooks and Excel; it also syncs with Dentrix and will be able to sync with Eaglesoft by the end of the summer.  PIYP also creates morning and monthly meetings notes so that team members can track what was covered and know what will be covered in the next meeting.
The most important part of Practice in Your Pocket is the TLC calling feature, which facilitates personal calls to patients from the dentist or other team member. This feature lists the patient, procedure, and phone number. It also allows the dentist to schedule follow-up calls for patients who are experiencing problems.  Michael says that making these TLC calls is the best thing a practice can do to keep current patients and get patient referrals.   At the end of the day, he calls every patient that he worked on that day.  He said PIYP gives hygienists the ability to call their patients at the end of the day, too.   Michael says the 15 minutes it takes to make those calls is the most important part of his day in maintaining a successful business.
A dentist who would like to learn more about Practice in Your Pocket may visit  The company also has a YouTube channel with videos that take a more in-depth look at their product.  Just search Practice in Your Pocket.  A demo may be scheduled by calling 800 213-0252.  Soon the demo will be available on the website.  Practice in Your Pocket offers a 30-day free trial on their website, as well.

Dr. Michael Dolby's Advice and Legacy
Dr. Dolby would like new dentists to know that being a dentist can be a challenging job, both mentally and physically. He knows it can be easy to get caught up in all the things you have to do; he wants people to remember to stop and be grateful for the great things in their lives--to take time to recognize that God has blessed them with the skills and ability to be a dentist and He has also blessed them with patients that put their trust and faith in those skills and abilities. When we are grateful, we can't be unhappy so don't get caught up in the negativity.  He says the truths he lives by are: be honest with yourself; operate with absolute integrity; choose to be happy and take time to recognize your blessings.  He hopes that his team remembers his passion for creating a positive place to work, that his patients know he tried to create a safe place for them, and that his family knows he worked hard for them.

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