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HCSI Interview with Dave Woodward of Click Funnels: Episode 8

In this show, sponsored by Healthcare Compliance Solutions Inc, Lance King interviewed Dave Woodward, Chief Business Development Officer of Click Funnels.

Dave Woodward Background

Dave is from San Diego, California and recently moved to Boise, Idaho.  He has been with Click Funnels since its beginning almost 10 years ago.  Dave originally wanted to become a doctor, then a Physical Therapist, then fell in love with business and has never looked back!  He has been involved in many different companies over the years, including a tech company, a mortgage business, flipping houses, and internet marketing.

Click Funnels Beginnings

Click Funnels is a platform-based software-as-a-service (SAAS) company that provides funnel marketing software for many types of clients, ranging from authors and speakers to service providers like doctors and chiropractors.  The company was built when the founder, Russell Brunson, wrote a book and was trying to market it. He realized there was a need for a software company who could walk people through the entire funnel marketing process.

What is Funnel Marketing?

Imagine a funnel with a lot of people at the top who self-select a relationship with a company as they travel down the funnel, leaving long-term customers at the bottom of the funnel.  An example of a funnel marketing plan would be where customers sign up for a free (plus shipping) book.  Then the customers are offered an audiobook for $37,
then the people who purchase the audiobook are offered a $197 course, then those customers are offered a one-time-offer of a whole webinar series for $297.  This set-up allows businesses to attract people who want offered service.  Dave says the funnel has three objectives: first, capture leads as soon as possible; second, build trust quickly; third, provide offers to customers periodically.  Funnels lower the cost to acquire customers and raises the average cart value of those customers.

What Does Click Funnels Provide?

Click Funnels offers all stages of funnel marketing in one software platform.  Dave says that one of the biggest mistakes people make in marketing is giving away too much free stuff when trying to acquire customers.  He says that once a customer spends $1, getting them to spend more is much easier, especially if the company builds trust by over-delivering.  Click Funnels specializes in acquiring customers who spend that first dollar and then continue to spend more dollars.  Once the plan has been designed, Click Funnels says that the easiest way to reach customers, both locally and globally is through Facebook because a company can target customers with the exact demographics and interests that it wants.  After just a bit of training, a staff member can easily handle the Facebook targeting with the help of Click Funnels.  Click Funnels software is easy to learn and use.  It is open source, drag and drop format.  Click Funnels also offers many webinars, updated content, and exclusive offers for its clients.  Click Funnels users has tripled every year for the past two years and is set to triple again this year, going from 3,000 to 10,000 users; 10,000 to 30,000 users; and 30,000 to approximately 100,000 users.  This year, 84 of those users will earn a place in the Two Comma Club, meaning 84 users will have earned $1,000,000 through Click Funnels.  The goal is to have 1000 members of the Two Comma Club by the end of the year!

Dave Woodward’s Words of Wisdom

Dave has some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.  First, there is a difference between and real entrepreneur and what Dave calls a ‘wantrepreneur.’  ‘Wantrepreneurs’ want to own and run a business but don’t want the hard things that come with it.  True entrepreneurs will push through the tough times.  The second piece of advice Dave wanted to share is that entrepreneurs need to find something that they are passionate about providing to others. If money is the only motivation, businesses won’t survive.
More Information
Dave said that listeners/viewers of this show will get FREE trials of several different Click Funnels products.  Just go to and  If anyone has questions, they may contact Dave Woodward on Facebook.

Hosted by Lance King with Healthcare Compliance Solutions. Visit for more information.  Thank you!

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