Monday, February 27, 2017

HCSI Interview with Mark Phebus of 20/20 Consulting: Episode 7

This show featured an interview of Mark Phebus, the founder of 2020 Consulting. The interview was conducted by Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions Inc.

How it All Began
Mark Phebus started 20/20 Consulting after he graduated college and saw that his colleagues were struggling during contract negotiations for their first optometry jobs. He helped a friend by reviewing her contract and helping her get more of what she wanted from an employer and realized he enjoyed it. He always had an entrepreneurial mind and decided that he should start a consulting business to help other OD's with employment contracts.

20/20 Consulting
Mark specializes in negotiating contracts for brand-new OD graduates.  He knows that if someone can get their beginning pay higher, it will increase the salary for the rest of their lives.  Mark also negotiates on behalf of existing OD's who are looking at changing employment, or renegotiating their contracts.  According to (the company website), 80 percent of people who ask for a raise get at least part of their request granted.
 According to a quote from Business Insider on, avoiding salary negotiation throughout your career means losing out on roughly $1 million dollars over the course of one's career.  Some professionals might hire a lawyer to look over an employment contract; Mark says the difference between seeking the help of a lawyer or employing his services is that he offers an optometrist's point of view, plus he only charges a fee if the negotiation results in an increased salary.  A lawyer will charge a fee no matter what the results are.  Mark loves being able to prove to clients that he is qualified by the results he achieves; results are everything.  Another great reason to choose 20/20 Consulting is that a portion of every fee collected gets donated to the V Foundation for Cancer Research.  Mark feels strongly that he should help give back to this great organization, due in large part to the founder of the V Foundation, Jim Valvano.  During college, especially in trying times, Mark would listen to the ESPY award speech given by “Jimmy V” for inspiration.

Recommendations for Other Entrepreneurs
For more inspiration, Mark recommends that everyone read Rejection-Proof by Jia Jang, in which the author learned about the psychology of rejection and how to overcome the fear associated with it. Mark also recommends the TED talk by Jia Jang.  Mark's advice to other entrepreneurs is to be passionate, remember that every failure leads you closer to success, and don't go into entrepreneurship if you're not self-motivated.

Contact 20/20 Consulting
20/20 Consulting's website is  Optometrists who are seeking help with evaluating employment contracts may contact Mark by email at or by phone/text at 770 548-6667.

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