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HCSI Interview with Bryan Laskin of OperaDDS: Episode 6

Today's show features an interview with Bryan Laskin, the founder of Opera DDS--a complete communication software provider for dentist offices.  Interview was conducted by Lance King of Healthcare Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Background on Bryan Laskin
Bryan Laskin, DDS, is from Minneapolis.  Originally, he was planning on becoming a physician until he visited with family members and others who were medical doctors and decided that dentistry was more compatible with his personality and lifestyle.  Bryan is an entrepreneur at heart, so when he saw the need for better communication solutions/software, he talked to a friend in the technology industry. They decided to start a company that could meet those needs.  He realized that he could be an entrepreneur and a dentist at the same time by sharing his office's ideas with others, through Opera DDS.  He is currently the CEO of Opera DDS, as well as the owner of a thriving dental practice, which has doubled its business in the past two years.  He credits much of that growth to Opera DDS; he says that when you use the best practices, people will notice and be attracted to your company.
Opera DDS
Bryan likes turning things that other people see as problems into opportunities.  Opera DDS has solved the problem of secure communication within a dental practice.
 It is the only company offering complete communication packages for dental offices, according to Bryan.  It is cloud-based, so it works with any operating system, plus it has applications for android, apple, and even apple watch so dentists are able to use it on the go through phones, tablets, and the like.  Opera DDS has developed three software products: Pager for interoffice communication; Recare for communication with patients; and Chorus for communication with other healthcare providers like labs and specialists.

Benefits of Opera DDS
The first benefit of using Opera DDS is the increase in productivity.  Bryan has found that the average dental office's productivity increases by over 30 percent after implementing Opera DDS!  Communication processes are consolidated and made more efficient, freeing up everyone to focus on what they do best—which is a key to success according to Bryan.

Secure and HIPPA Compliant
The next benefit of using Opera DDS is that all texts, messages, files, etc are secure and HIPPA-compliant.  Bryan says that there is a big difference between security and compliance and that his products cover both bases.  The most common data breech that he's found is from theft of actual devices, like tablets and laptops.  Bryan says the most secure way to keep data safe is to get it off local storage and onto cloud storage.  With Opera DDS, dentists can rely on their data remaining secure even in cases of theft.

Easily-Accessible Communications
Another related benefit that Opera DDS offers is the ability to send and receive secure messages with patients, labs, specialists, and even within the office. A hygienist can talk with a patient and pass on the information to the dentist through secure texts and emails. A lab can send results to the dentist securely using existing email addresses.  All communications can be found in one place for the dentist, so if he's away at lunch, he can quickly catch up by checking one location.

Continuous Improvements
The final benefit offered by Opera DDS is that the company is always looking at ways to improve. Bryan says that half of their innovation comes from listening to what its customers want and half comes from looking forward at what technology will make possible.  Sometimes solutions come after looking at things in completely different ways.  One of the new things that Opera DDS hopes to roll out soon is pain management through virtual reality.  Studies found that especially in young patients, the most effective pain and anxiety management tool was virtual reality.  Bryan and his team have been developing virtual reality videos made especially for dental work.  A sample of this, as well as some other new products/offerings will be unveiled at the Get it Done weekend in Minneapolis. This event is sponsored by Opera DDS, and is a quick fun way to get CPR, OSHA, HIPAA  and Medical Emergency training, as well as to learn about new technologies and participate in team-building exercises.

More information
To get more information about the Get It Done Weekend, one may visit  Any dentist interested in a free 10 minute demo of Opera DDS may go to and fill out the contact information sheet.  Bryan is sure that once an office has tried his software, it will never want to use anything else.  Bryan can be reached at with any specific questions for him.

Final Advice
When asked for any advice for healthcare providers who are also looking at entrepreneurship, Bryan gave two suggestions. First, he stressed the importance of continuing education. He said learning about procedures, practices, and technology in one's industry will be helpful.  Second, he stressed the importance of allowing others to shine.  Bryan said that true entrepreneurship is developing leadership in others.

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