Monday, February 6, 2017

HCSI Interview with Anthony Castorani of Crossroads Technologies: Episode 4

In this episode, Lance King from Healthcare Solutions Inc ( interviewed Anthony Castorani the CEO of Crossroads Technologies.  Crossroads Technologies is a company that offers a solution for IT management for doctor entrepreneurs.

Introducing Anthony Castorani
Had Anthony not made the decision to pursue a career in technology at the age of 20, he may have continued life as a bass player in an Iron Maiden tribute band.  After playing for 4 years, he realized that although he made a great amateur musician he would never really want to seek a career as a professional bass player.  After thinking about his options for the future, he remembered his days of programming on a Commodore VIC 20 in 7th grade, and that he always enjoyed learning about technology.  He chose to follow this path because he enjoyed it and this enjoyment is obvious when he talks about his company, Crossroads Technologies.

Crossroads Technologies
Crossroads Technologies was created in 1996 by Anthony and three other people in a small, one-room office.  Anthony started this business because he had become disillusioned by the other technology companies he had previously worked for, whose main focus was money not the customer. He knew he could be successful if he kept customer satisfaction as his primary goal.

Why Crossroads Technologies?
The way Crossroads Technologies achieves this goal is to never deviate from company policy of offering 100 percent IT management, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Anthony believes that because of this all-inclusive offering, he is the best value for practices looking for IT management solutions.  Other technology management firms charge per hour, or only offer one-time set-up support.  Because Crossroads provides unlimited and ongoing support for one fee, clients can call anytime they have an issue or question and their service ends up being more cost-effective than the per-usage-fee guys.
Crossroads Technologies also helps businesses think about and achieve long-term goals by focusing on the future.  Although many practices choose to use a “set it and forget it” approach to technology, Anthony says that the successful firms will remember
that technology changes quickly and choose a company (Crossroads) that uses a dynamic approach.  Crossroads Technologies stays current on industry changes and advancements and informs their customers of those challenges and opportunities as they come up.  Anthony says one of the biggest issues in owning a business is not having a clear plan.  Crossroads Technologies will help their clients develop a vision, create a plan to achieve that vision, and not deviate from that vision.  Anthony wants doctors to remember that their practice is a business—which means they must look at what makes them different and better than other physicians/practices.  Also, Anthony advises doctors to listen to their patients and not just focus on the analytics of diagnosing.  In this way, Crossroads Technologies is similar—they listen to their customers and are always open to constructive critiques because they know this is what drives improvement as well as customer satisfaction.

Contact Information
Practices that are a good match as clients for Crossroads are ones that realize doctors need to focus on their specialty—taking care of patients—and that customers would be best served by utilizing a full-service IT management company.
According to Anthony, “What we do for the healthcare world is deliver... a management solution that isn't a product is a bundle of different things from managing the well as taking care of people and environments so [customers] don't experience down times.”
Physicians who are interested in this type of service may visit their Crossroads Technologies website at and fill out the form under the Contact Us tab.

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